NIEUW: Heel veel details over collectors/special edition GTAV en screenshots

GTA5 Nieuws

Rockstar is zojuist met een nieuwe update gekomen rondom de collectors en special edition van GTA V. Als je de special edition van GTA V hebt gepreordered dan staan je wat leuke extra’s te wachten als je de game gaat spelen 17 september. Nog niet gedaan? Koop hem dan vandaag nog hier met korting voor de PS3 of de Xbox!

Zo is het mogelijk om met deze carbon RS sports bike te racen door Los Santos:

The Collector’s Edition also features an exclusive garage to store custom vehicles, that comes stocked with the CarbonRS sports bike and the Hotknife – an open frame 1930’s style hotrod. In Grand Theft Auto Online your garage and the high-end Khamelion electric car, which is specific to GTA Online, are both purchased through in-game websites accessed through your Online character’s cell phone.

Wil je een custom outfit? Geen probleem, met de special editions zijn er voor jou tal van mogelijkheden:

When visiting any shops around Los Santos and Blaine County, Michael, Franklin and Trevor will receive a special 20% discount along with access to special items either in their personal wardrobes or from stores. Each character will receive 1 outfit each, one article of clothing (shirt, hoodie and jacket) each, a special haircut, facial hair look and tattoo.

Daarnaast zijn er nog wat extra’s uit de wapenafdeling van GTA V

Regardless of which version you’ve chosen, your local Ammu-Nation will always be stocked with a pair of special firearms at no additional cost that also have their own unique customization options, skins and attachments – the .50 Caliber Pistol and the Bullpup Shotgun. You’ll also have access to the Hammer, which acts as a brutal melee weapon.


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